Sunday, November 16, 2014

Zep Cleaning Product Review

I had the opportunity to try Zep cleaners for free through Crowdtap in return for my honest opinion!

I received 5; 4oz bottles of Zep cleaners: 3 Quick Clean disinfectant and 2 All-Around Oxy cleaner and de-greaser


I started out by cleaning some of the door frames in my house. I have to say it worked wonderfully! They were pretty nasty and hadn't been cleaned since.....WOW, since we purchased the house 3 years ago...I know I know, shame on me HA. Well let me tell you, they are clean now! The Zep quick clean is fantastic at getting dirt and grime off of door frames, walls, tables, counters and even worked on a dirt spot on my hardwood floors! Something my mop kept missing.

IMG_20141112_191649 IMG_20141112_191809

The Zep All-Around Oxy cleaner and de-greaser was a bit disappointing. My stove top was pretty bad but I would expect a de-greaser to do a better job. I did get a lot of the grease off but it left a lot too. Even when I let it soak. i scrubbed and cleaned 3 times before I gave up and used my normal cleaner.

IMG_20141112_192045 IMG_20141112_194838 IMG_20141112_192050 IMG_20141112_194834

The cleaners had a pleasant sent and didn't have that normal overpowering chemical smell other cleaners have. And I also like the fact that these are safe around kids and animals. I must warn you. I suggest wearing gloves when using this, or any other cleaning product or you will end up with fingers like mine....


Overall, I think the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant is wonderful and I will continue to purchase and recommend the product.

The Zep All-Around Oxy cleaner and de-greaser, on the other hand, will not be added to my cleaning routine and I would not recommend for big jobs like my stove. It will work for smaller not so baked on messes but not something like what I cleaned.

Here are some more pics:

This was at a clients house: I cleaned her fridge while she napped!

IMG_20141116_095223 IMG_20141116_100054

IMG_20141116_094524 IMG_20141116_100043

This is the inside of my wasn't bad but no one seems to want to wipe out the top....

IMG_20141116_100258  IMG_20141116_100821

Front door to my own fridge at home!

IMG_20141116_140220 IMG_20141116_140528

Me sporting the newest cleaner to join my cleaning routine!

IMG_20141115_113051 Zep Strong!!

Thank you Zep and Crowdtap for choosing me to try out this product!!

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