Monday, November 17, 2014

InstaGC website

I found this really awesome website where you can do challenges, search the web, watch videos and check out websites! In return you earn points which you can use to get gift cards towards your favorite stores! Right now i'm trying to earn for a Sephora gift card! I love that store lol

The website is really easy to navigate and even easier to earn points. I'm already 10% on my way to my free gift card and I haven't been on the site for very long at all. Super simple!

They have a lot of content that I can relate to. I love watching the videos, its the easiest way to earn points. You can also do surveys which give you more points. There is a radio you can listen to and earn points! Who doesn't love listening to music? Easy peasy points!

So if your interested in earning free gift cards just click this link and sign up!
free gift cards

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