Friday, November 14, 2014

Folgers Flavor Enhancers Review

I received Folgers Flavor Enhancers free to try through Crowdtap in return for my honest opinion about the product! All opinions are my own!

I received 4, 1.62 oz bottles to sample! The flavors were Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel and Mocha.


I was really looking forward to trying these in my coffee! I love adding flavored creamers and such to make my coffee taste even better then it would normally! (can't live without the caffeine) lol

IMG_20141114_100703 IMG_20141028_060231 IMG_20141030_070434

I tried the Hazelnut first as i am not to fond of the taste. I wanted to get what i thought would be the one I wouldn't like out of the way so I could get to the other ones haha I was surprised! I didn't add to much at first but found myself adding more after the first sip! I really enjoyed my coffee that morning!

IMG_20141114_100739 IMG_20141031_060958 IMG_20141104_100938

Sorry this one is sideways. I tried to spin it but still haven't figured out how to do that.....

The Vanilla was my favorite out of all of the flavors! But i'm kind of partial to this flavor for my coffee even before trying this product. I truly enjoyed the Vanilla flavor and it was the first one I ran out of :(

IMG_20141114_100729 IMG_20141108_060500

I tried the Caramel next! It was pretty good but i had to add more then i truly wanted to in order to get the taste I wanted. It was, however, a big hit to others in my house as it ran out fast! It was pretty good and a household favorite! One of my roommates actually went out and purchased one for himself....and no he didn't share...the stinker lol

IMG_20141114_100712 IMG_20141031_060907

Lastly, I tried the Mocha. I was definitely not impressed with this flavor. It was very bitter and didn't taste like mocha at all. It left a nasty after taste in my mouth and I had to rinse with mouthwash twice to get the taste out. I thought that maybe i just put to much in the coffee so i tried it again with just a little bit. There was no change, I still thought it to be very bitter and not good.

In all, I liked the Hazelnut, Vanilla and Caramel but do not recommend the Mocha. You can find these at your local Wal-Mart for $3.95. Which I think is a bit pricey for the small bottle you get. I think the only one I would definitely purchase would be the Vanilla and not very often. Not that they aren't good, I just don't see myself paying what they want for them on a regular basis. It would be a sweet treat for me on occasion!

I would recommend you try it and see what you think! It might just make your coffee better then you ever expected!

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