Sunday, July 30, 2017

BMoss Women's Genuine Leather Wallet with RFID blocking

BMoss Women's Genuine Leather Wallet with RFID blocking

With Identity Theft on the rise, you want to take those extra little precautions to keep your important information safe. One might often think...."It will never happen to me" ....until it does.

It seems that hackers can find a way around pretty much any password, any security system placed, and have little devices that can scan through a purse or wallet to get those credit card numbers. It seems like there is no safe place for anything.

Well, I have found a great solution. BMoss has come up with a stylish yet simple RFID wallet. Not only does it look nice but it's designed with advanced RFID technology that protects all your data.

It's compact, yet has plenty of space for functionality and convenience. It's light weight, fashionable and durable while also protecting you from any intruder trying to steal your information.

The wallet contains 16 card slots so you have plenty of room for all your bank cards, credit cards or even business cards. It also features 2 open window slots for your driver's license and ID cards needed while out. I love the space because I can put all of my cards in place where I can see them. I don't have to search through pockets in my purse to find the right card. It also features two zipper pouches, one on each side, so that you can put you bills, receipts and change without losing it. It has all the functionality I need when I'm out and about.

The BMoss wallet also gives me the peace of mind that no one can take my precious information. I work very hard for everything I have. I don't want some greedy stranger taking what I've worked so hard to obtain.

The BMoss Woman's RFID Wallet is easy to carry and fits well in your purse. Because it's compact, it doesn't take up space like my other bulky wallet did. No matter where you go, keep your information and your identity safe. Don't forget to check out the BMoss Woman's Genuine Leather Wallet with RFID blocking technology!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Car Buying Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Car

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Car shopping can be a very stressful & tedious job. Going from car lot to car lot can be a long, grueling process & you never really get all the information that you're looking for. So I've put together a few tips to help you with your next car buying experience.

First, do your research:  What kind of vehicle are you are looking for? What price range can I afford? Is the car I'm interested in worth what the dealer is asking for? Can I find it at a better price? You want to make sure, as a consumer, that you have all the information you need about the purchase you're about to potentially make.

I've recently found and am extremely impressed with the resources it provides. There are video's you can watch and reviews listed for each car. I love how they are completely unbiased in their reviews, whether good or bad, they have no problem telling you what they think. They list pro's and con's to each car so you can see what is important for you and can make your decision based on what is listed. Due to the fact that I find them extremely honest in their information, I suggest starting your search on the website. The extent of information is astounding and is a perfect place to find a variety of cars and trucks and tells you where you might find the best price for your purchase.
When looking for a vehicle, another important thing to remember is to not just stick with one dealer, check around. This will give you an idea of a base price on the vehicle you are interested in, what packages they may include and what other option they may offer if you purchase with them. This will also help to find out what your payments may come to so you can find the best price to fit your budget.

Not only can help you with a new purchase but they can help you out if you are in the market for a used car as well. Let tell you about the potential damage that may be involved & mileage. Most of the cars available also have a CarFax that you can view right on the website. The website can also give you an estimate of what your current car is worth for a trade in value.
Visiting dealerships & checking prices is important when purchasing a used car. It can give you the upper hand when dealing with salesmen because it shows them you know what you're talking about. It's important to show the dealer that you have done your research. Dealers are all about the bottom line and care nothing about your interest. It's easy to take advantage of those who haven't done their research & before you know it, you're paying too much. when you walk in with the knowledge, it can make a huge difference during negotiations & can help you to get a fair price.

Lastly, Find the car that not only fits your personality but has high quality and is up to all your standards. Don't think you have to settle. With so many vehicles available, you want to make sure you have what you want. Take your time, research and go physically look at the potential vehicle. You want the right price and the perfect car. Rushing in without researching will almost always guarantee to overpay and not be satisfied with your purchase. Visit today and find your perfect & affordable car!  

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Songmics 3-Tier DIY Storage Cube Organizer Giveaway

Get ready for the new school year with Songmics

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Summer for the kids is almost over and the new school year is about to begin. What better way to start the year, then with this Songmics Storage Cube Organizer

The 3-Tier DIY Storage Cube Organizer is not only durable but has plenty of room for all those books, notepads, homework and still have plenty of room for other items you want to store away. What I love the most about this, is that you can change it up into different shapes to adhere to your own personality. 

The pockets are tall and deep so that you are able to fit a lot in them. I like that the doors are fairly clear so you can see what's in them yet they are not completely see through so some things can stay hidden.

The package they send comes with everything you need, including directions for different ways the storage cube can be set up. It also includes a cute little hammer to make sure everything is pushed in place correctly!

Let's get this school year started off right and get organized with Songmics!


Make sure to show some love to Songmics Facebook page! For every verified like, I will add an extra 10 entries to each person!

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

LiteXim Wireless Ear Buds


Wireless Earbuds

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Shopping for a great pair of earbuds can be a grueling process. Finding ones that fit right, are multifunctional, and compatible with your electronics, can really be a pain in the....ear.

I would like to introduce you to LiteXim Wireless Earbuds!

The LiteXim Wireless headphones are a great quality, easy to set up and easy to use set of earbuds.

If you don't like having the wires to hold you back, these are perfect. They can be used while walking, biking, watching television, running or even at the gym. No matter what activity you're involved in, these work very well.

The right and left earbud (marked) sync together through a wireless system and provide stereo sound without being bound by wires. Using the right side earbud it can be used independently in a mono mode, which is a lot safer while driving. It also has one button that provides multi-functions. When you press the button you can pair, play, pause, answer or reject calls. Use your Bluetooth option on your phone to pair the earbuds to your phone and enjoy up to 30ft of range. The earbuds pair with both Android and IOS devices and can pair to two devices at the same time.

I love the box they come in. It's not only small so you can carry it virtually anywhere, but it also doubles as a charging station. Simply place the earbuds in the slot and plug it in with the provided USB charging cord. Although I do wish the charging cord was a bit longer, I was able to use it with my phone charger as well. (As I'm not sure how this option will work as to keep the quality of charge the same, I would not recommend doing it this way. I used a different charger at my own risk.) Once fully charged, you can enjoy up to 120 minutes of continuous play on one charge. 

The design of the earbuds took a little getting used to, but once I was able to figure out exactly how they fit, I had no issues at all. They were comfortable and came with different sized tips so I could find the one that fits perfectly for me. I had no problems with them not slipping out and the sound quality was very good. Make your phone call and music time more comfortable. No pains when you put the earbuds in your ear for long periods of time.

All in all, the LitXim Wireless Earbuds are great quality, gives you the flexibility to do the things you enjoy doing without fretting on losing them and are multi functional so you can listen to your favorite music or answer your phone without getting distracted. 

* I received this product free or at a discounted price in exchange for my review. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. *

Thursday, July 13, 2017

SONGMICS Bamboo Lap Desk

Songmics Bamboo Lap Desk Portable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray with Tilting Top Drawer

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I don't know about you, but when I'm working on my laptop and trying to relax, I want to be comfortable. That's not any easy task when I'm leaned back on the couch with my feet up and the laptop propped up on my legs. My neck starts hurting and my back starts aching. I just can't get comfortable, or my laptop in the right position.

Well, I have found the perfect solution! The Songmics Bamboo Lap Desk. Why do I say it's perfect? Oh goodness, where do I start....Well as you can see, it has everything I need all in one easy and portable lap desk.

First off, I really like the design on the top. Not only is it pretty, but it's functional as well. While I'm working hard, it's hollowed out design helps to keep my laptop from overheating.

The next thing I appreciate is the built-in storage. For such a small desk it really has everything I need to store all the necessities. It has a built-in mouse pad, a removable groove with a cell phone holder, and 12 slots for pens and pencils.  It also has a small pull out drawer where I can put my sticky pads, flash drives, earbuds and other small items I need handy while working.

The Songmics Lap Desk also has an adjustable tilt angle and locking legs. The tabletop has 5 slots underneath so you can adjust your laptop to a comfortable level and viewing experience. The locking legs ensure that the desk does not sway or collapse while in use, or while moving the desk from place to place.
The desk is made from 100% Natural Bamboo. Not only does that make for a durable product but it is also eco-friendly. The side plates help to prevent the desk from warping and enhances the durability.
The Songmics Bamboo Lap Desk makes a great workstation and it also works great as a breakfast tray and for reading or studying. 

So now you know why I think this is the perfect Lap desk. It's durable, adjustable, convenient and stylish all wrapped up in one portable package.

It's a great product that the entire family can enjoy. As you can see, my husband has already claimed his time using it :) 

Songmics has been gracious enough to offer a chance to win a free Bamboo Lap Desk to one winner! Enter for your chance to win HERE! Don't forget to visit their Facebook page, give them a like and tell them Anne from With Open Eyes To See sent you.

* I received this product free or at a discounted price in exchange for my review. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. *

Lovdock Folding Chair Set Giveaway

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When shopping for new furniture for your home or patio, you not only want to find something comfortable and affordable but also have a variety of things to choose from. To be able to find something that fits your style and lets your guests know a bit about your personality.

Lovdock has all you need in a one stop online shop! They have a great selection of stylish upbeat items to choose from. Looking for the perfect patio furniture? They have it. What about portable items you can take camping? They have that too!

No matter what you are looking for in furniture, Lovdock has you covered. Receive 10% off your first order and sign up for their VIP program and save on every purchase. Lovdock also offers a points program that you can use towards future purchases. Earn your first 100 points just for registering and confirming your subscription! Check out all the wonderful items Lovdock has to offer---->

Lovdock Folding Chair Set Giveaway

Monday, July 10, 2017

Piczzle- Customized Puzzles For The Entire Family

Create memories with

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Are you looking for something unique and fun? Do you love puzzles? How about making your most treasured 💝 memories into a picture puzzle that the entire family can enjoy together. Piece by piece, you can enjoy putting memories into focus while spending time together. 

Piczzle allows it's users to customize their memories into beautifully fun photo puzzles in just a few simple steps. 

Use Code SummerPuzzle0717 for 15% off your order

How easy is it really?
First, you choose the puzzle of your choice- Cardboard, Wooden or Magnetic. Then pick the shape you prefer and how many pieces you would like for your puzzle to be. You can choose from 4 pieces all the way up to 2000.

Second, you would upload the picture of your choice.

Once you have uploaded your image, check to make sure everything is perfect and to your liking. Then continue on to checkout and VOILA! You have completed your custom made puzzle and on your way to making more family memories.

Piczzle also offers holiday and love designs that make perfect gifts for any holiday. Use the love design to make an anniversary gift for your special someone or Christmas puzzles that you can give to friends and family. No matter what occasion you are looking to get a gift, Piczzle has that unique gift that you're looking for.

Check out this customer story!

‶This puzzle is a father's day gift for the best dad and husband around! Our little girl laughs and smiles every time he looks at her.......‶

Don't forget to
Use Code SummerPuzzle0717 for 15% off your order
Make your perfect memories into fun puzzles today! 

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