Friday, November 7, 2014

Book review- Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins

I was given the opportunity to read the first chapter of Tony Robbins new book Money: Master The Game. I received this free through Smiley360 in return for my honest opinion.

In reading the first chapter of the book I am no closer in wanting to make more money then I was before. Although he does have a few good points, this is not a book i personally would be interested reading in it's entirety.

Tony Robbins tells in the book that there are 7 simple steps to take in order to become financially free. That if we follow these steps we will never have to worry about bills, food, shelter and other necessities we may need in our lives.

So who wouldn't want to make easy money and not have to work?

In my opinion, if it was as simple as following just 7 steps, then why isn't there more rich people out there then the 1%? I don't think this book will tell me anything different then I already know. I did read the entire chapter but I found it very difficult. It didn't hold my attention at all. I promised to read it so i kept that promise.

I do not believe that life is all about making money. Even if his tips worked I don't think i would be any happier then I already am. I believe that a person can make their own happiness whether they are wealthy or not. In fact i know some of the poorest people who have the richest most fulfilling lives!

I do have to give Tony Robbins credit. He has a great enthusiastic personality from what I read and saw on YouTube. He gives a lot back to the community! In fact all the proceeds to this book are being donated to the "Feed America" foundation which i think is wonderful!  You can learn more about the foundation here

As for me, I will continue to live life just as I do without the help of the 7 steps to financial freedom. I personally do not have any want to purchase this book. But others who would like to check it out can do so here

Remember that with every order, Tony Robbins will be donating to Feed America.

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  1. There was a fellow by the name of Napoleon Hill, you may know of
    He wrote a book a number of years ago I forget exactly when.
    It was titled Think And Grow Rich.
    The book was so good that it was pulled from the book store shelves twice after finally being watered down enough so that it
    could be sold to the public.
    So, yes there are people that can help out others a great deal
    when it comes to money matters.
    However it looks like this guy Hill would have upset the apple
    cart if they let his first print go on sale.
    So it's not that a book can't be written, the 1% don't want one
    I'm going to check TR's book out on the 18th.
    Like you I am not expecting a whole lot.
    Probably a few good tips.

    He has zeroed in on what the average person is looking for.
    And the feed america foundation will be greatful forever
    greatful to him.