Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Noland Trail

100 Museum Dr. 
Newport News Virginia 23606

Noland Trail, located off Warwick Blvd. in Newport News Virginia is set behind the Mariners Museum. Landscaped with natural beauty, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful walk along this trail surrounding Lake Maury. The Noland Trail is also a pet-friendly trail so don't forget to bring along your fur babies.

Hours of operation are from 6 AM to 8 PM and is free of charge. Free is always good!

The trail runs a five-mile course around the lake with mile markers along the way so that you can keep track of how far you have gone. The trail also includes benches (approx. every 1/2 mile) and lookouts for you to pause and take in all the beauty surrounding you.

If you are looking for the local wildlife, then you have come to the right place! Our family has run across a few little animals along the way.

No matter what time of the year it is I have found beauty while walking the trail. During the colder months, of course, you will have the trail mostly to yourself as not many venture out. But I have taken some breathtaking pictures all year round.

No matter where you are on the trail you will find something breathtaking and unique. Bring your dog, bring a friend and just enjoy the world around you.

Depending on where you start the trail, you are bound to see Lions Bridge along the way. There is parking available nearby and you can start the trail from this area. There is also an entrance to the trail located at the museum's front entrance.

There are a few rules when going on the trail....Yes I know, borrring. But if there weren't rules then we wouldn't have such a beautiful place to visit. They are as followed:

  • Motorcycles, bicycles, and trail bikes are not permitted on The Noland Trail.
  • For the comfort of all park visitors and the protection of wildlife, dogs must be on leashes at all times. Please be sure to clean up after your pet.
  • Trash cans are located throughout the park for the convenience of visitors.
  • For the safety of visitors and for environmental reasons, no fires of any kind are permitted.
  • Swimming and wading in the lake are not permitted.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted within the park.
  • Visitors are expected to observe all applicable Museum, city, state, and federal rules, regulations, and laws.
  • Weapons are not permitted.

Seems simple enough! It's all about respect for yourself, respect for others and respect for our wildlife.

A little history lesson!

Created in 1930 by Museum founder Archer Huntington, The Mariners’ Museum Park is the largest privately maintained park open to the public for free in America. Highlights include Lake Maury, named for Virginia’s own Matthew Fontaine Maury, the famed 19th-century oceanographer. In 1990, Lloyd U. Noland, Jr., approached the Museum with the offer to finance the creation of a walking trail in the Park.

Since the Trail’s dedication in 1991, the Noland Family has provided significant support for its maintenance and repair. The five-mile Trail, a popular walking, and running destination features fourteen wooden footbridges. The famed Lions Bridge is another stunning Park landmark, noted for its four lion statues created by the Museum founder’s wife, Anna Hyatt Huntington. (copied from

I hope if you are in the area that you will take the opportunity to visit the Noland Trail. It is one of my favorite places to relax and take a break from the everyday hustle of life. I am able to just forget about all the stresses and take all the beauty and fresh air I can. And you never know, you may make a few new friends along the way!

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