Saturday, May 13, 2017

goDog Pet Toys

goDog Pet Toys

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Picking out the perfect dog toys for your pet just got a little bit easier! Have you ever searched for a toy that will last or something that won't tear and fall apart after just a few times? Well stop right where you are and check out goDog. They have a variety of great toys for your pet that will last through all the Tug-O-Wars, fetches, and squeezes you can muster up while playing.

Kaia loves to play Tug-O-War with her humans but the problem we have been faced with is finding a toy strong enough to withstand more than a few games. Teeth are sharp and can puncture ordinary materials causing them to rip and tear. Huge waste of money right? 
That's when we found the goDog brand toys with Chew Guard Technology. Not only are these cute as a button, but they have lasted through all the games Kaia and I play.

We were blessed with the Crazy Tugs Green Monkey and Kaia just loves it. She carries it around with her almost everywhere and at any moment will be nudging you to play with her. Of course, while I try to get pictures of her, she doesn't want anything to do with it 😉 But that just makes me love her even more! She's stubborn just like her mommy. 

Really mom? 😑

Crazy Tugs feature arms and legs that pull through the body for great tugging fun. Made with Chew Guard Technology™ these toys will stand up to tough play!

Two sizes available
Two styles available: Sasquatches and Monkeys
Made with Chew Guard Technology™

Brightly colored characters

Monkey features unique long, floppy arms and legs that move up and down for a great tug-o-war game! Monkey Large has 5 squeakers (one in each paw and one in the belly), Mini Monkey has 1 Belly Squeaker.

So the next time you are out and about looking for a new toy for your pet, check out the stores above and search for goDog pet toys for your fur baby and have a toy that will outlast any other.

Kaia with her best buddy Squeaker

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  1. Love them! So cute! And YES it is hard to find a pet toy that is safe and won't fall apart in a day! I will check these out - the monkeys are adorable!

  2. These are so adorable! I'll have to see if we can get there here for gifts. Wonderful!

  3. If someone can invent dog toys that can't be ripped apart, that would be great. Not only are we wasting money, we've also got to clean up all the white stuffing that ends up throughout the house.

  4. haha this is so cool! I will share this to my sister, she loves things liek this for her Dog!

  5. Those are some really cute toys. I know my dog will devour that within minutes! haha Xx-Doran @HauteBeautyGuide