Friday, October 14, 2016

Rhodiola Rosea by Flow Origin

Rhodiola Rosea
Dietary Supplement
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Product Description

The product is a bottle containing 60 vegetarian capsules 500mg each of Rhodiola Rosea extract. It's wild harvested from the north parts of Tibetan mountains and manufactured in the United States in a facility dedicated to quality and opened to show their manufacturing processes.

Along with the order, you'll receive a Complete Guide on Rhodiola Rosea in a PDF format.

NATURAL AND POTENT RHODIOLA ROSEA: Direct from the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet comes the most effective Rhodiola Rosea available today. A truly natural herbal extract which dramatically aids the body in reducing stress while increasing energy, improving memory and increasing stamina. This gift from Mother Nature is an ideal supplement for those struggling with low energy levels and lack of focus and anyone looking to live a more fulfilling centered lifestyle.

INCREASE ENERGY & BRAIN FUNCTION - REDUCE STRESS & ANXIETY: Rhodiola Rosea is a natural adaptogen which helps the body adjust and cope with physical and mental stress. Used for centuries by the peoples of Russia, China, and surrounding countries, the herbal root of Rhodiola has been shown to boost energy, improve endurance, and aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety which comes with the hectic pace of the modern life.

FINEST SOURCED GOLDEN ROOT AVAILABLE: Unlike other major brands that have little to know idea where their ingredients come from, we carefully select and monitor our ingredients from harvest to bottle fostering relationships with the growers and suppliers of our Rhodiola Rosea and ensuring the highest quality golden root every step of the way.

LEARN TO LIVE IN THE NOW AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT TOMORROW: Achieving balance and consistent focus in today's modern world is a struggle that we all face. Now you can clear mental fog and experience the energy and focus that you need to achieve your goals every day with this natural stress relief supplement. As a bonus, we are providing our customers with a free comprehensive guide to Rhodiola Rosea to help educate them about its many benefits.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: At Flow Origin we stand behind the quality and safety of all of our Supplements. If at anytime you are unhappy with your Rhodiola Rosea feel free to return them for a full and prompt refund.

My Thoughts:

I wanted to try these for the simple fact that I suffer from anxiety. Often times those who suffer from anxiety have troubles concentrating and seem to have issues remembering important things in life. I normally take another supplement to help but over time they have decreased with the effectiveness they have on me and don't work as well as they use to.

The Rhodiola Rosea has helped tremendously in my stress level of life. I have, as of late, had major things happen in my life and my anxiety and stress levels have been through the roof. Once I started taking the Rhodiola Rosea, my stress levels have leveled out and I have been able to deal with life's mishaps a lot better. I find that when certain issues arise I'm not getting shaky anymore and my memory is improving.

Like any other supplement, they are a bit bigger than a normal pill but I had no issues swallowing them. The instructions state to take 1 capsule 1-2 times a day. I started off taking just one capsule once a day. After a few days, I took one twice a day.

There are 60 capsules in the bottle so it will last approximately one month unless you just take one capsule a day. The capsules have a slight smell to them but when taking, leave no aftertaste.

I am pleased with the results I am having so far and for those suffering from anxiety and stress, I would completely recommend the Rhodiola Rosea Supplements.

* I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. All my opinions are my own. One may or may not have the same results as myself when using this product. I was, however, compensated for this review but it had no effect, good or bad, on the opinion I had for the product. Some content was copied, such as description. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. *

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