Sunday, October 16, 2016

Christmas Dog Poo Bags

Christmas Dog Poo Bags
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Bag case and 80 bags total

Even the pooches need some Holiday love and decorations. Pick up the poo in style this year with Christmas Dog Poo Bags.

Picking Up In Good Company, that's exactly where you will be with these mother earth friendly dog poop bags. Stay Safe And Clean When Picking Up The Poop! The Best Dog Poop Pick Up Bags to Keep Your Hands Clean. The plastic is thick enough not to tear or leak yet still remains environmentally-friendly. BoTy Dog poop bags are made from high quality HDPE plastic and can be counted on not to break when picking up the poop. The rolls of bags come in an easy to use box to store your stash of bags. Always Have Bags On Hand and Continue to be The Responsible Dog Owner. Just what you need to have on hand for harried dog owners or walkers, for whom running out of bags is ALWAYS an issue! BoTy Dogs dog poop bags make picking up poop less dangerous and uncomfortable, and they're super strong for a job you just can't "mess" with. Had It! with the need to double-bag? They're stronger, more durable and LEAK PROOF, for those days when your Bogey is not feeling up to par and the poop is not as solid as usual. Most definitely leak-proof. These bags work well on the days the poop is softer than normal and you have to wipe it off the concrete sidewalk. Quality, and most of all, affordability:
No more nickel and dime waste bags! At BoTy Dogs, we are concerned about the environment too, even our our packaging is made from recycled content! The core the bags are wrapped around is made from 100% recyclable material too! Reduce Your Frustration Level The BoTy Dog waste bags are easy to tear off the roll, easy to spot the place where the bags rip apart AND durable! All the poop stays in the bag where it belongs! Protect You and the Environment Now

My Thoughts:

I have used other bags before and the quality of them are not the best. They always seem thin and break easily. These particular bags seem a bit more thick and I have had no issues with them breaking apart as I'm cleaning up. They are very durable.

I really like the decoration of them as well. They make for good conversation with other dog owners as Kaia and I are out and about on our daily walks. It also brings out the Holiday spirit even when there is work to be done.

The bags come with a nice little carry case with a clip on it so it makes things a little easier to handle when out walking. You don't have to put the bags in your pocket or hold onto them while trying to handle the leash. It clips nicely to your key ring or leash and the bags come out so they don't unravel while trying to get a bag off the roll.

These Christmas poop bags work very well and make a perfect Holiday gift for those with four legged friends!

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  1. Favorite Pet Poop Bags from Bizarkdeal

    These doggie bags are really good quality. They do not have to be used for just doggie bags, they can be used for diapers, and cat scoop-able litter as well.

    The box they come in is really cute with the dog on it. The bags come come neatly rolled up in the box. This makes it easy to just take a roll out when ever you need to.

    They seem to be thinner which is nice because they are a lot lighter to carry. And being thin doesn't make them lose their ability to hold up. The bags can stand up to holding the contents inside.

    The rolls are really handy to throw in your purse, or in your pocket.

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