Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scott Naturals Tube Free Review

I received Scott Naturals Tube Free free through Crowdtap to try out in return for my honest and unbiased opinion!


I received a 4 pack of the Scott Naturals Tube Free toilet paper! I've never purchased this particular Scott product before. I am familiar with this brand as i have purchased other products from this brand. All I kept thinking to myself was that this was going to be a poor quality, fall apart product. The tube holds it all together right? Well it doesn't! I couldn't believe how thick and durable this toilet paper actually was!

So why the tube? Well honestly, there really is no reason to have a wasteful tube in your toilet paper!

I have learned through doing this challenge that, as Americans, every year we throw away enough toilet paper rolls to fill the Empire State building TWICE. That's a lot of trash.

So if everyone purchased this product it would save a little more room in our landfills, save more trees and leave a cleaner planet for our children later on. Yes, I understand that we have a long way to go in making our world clean. But why can't we start with something as simple as getting rid of toilet paper tubes?

I shared my toilet paper experience with a family member! My Auntie Laurel, who I just absolutely adore! She's my second mom! As you can see from the pictures, we had a lot of fun with it. Oh and that's my fat cat Squeakers behind her!  Her words about Scott Naturals Tube Free were "Holy cow this stuff is great! 'Look Ma no tube'. Where can i get more of this! How many tubes are thrown away? Really Wow, i never imagined it was so many". Her face shows the surprise she had while we talked about it!

IMG_20141203_102327 IMG_20141203_102353


You can see that having no tube doesn't affect the way it goes on the toilet paper roller. And when the roll runs out, you just grab another and stick it on there. One less step to take while changing the roll!

Another great thing about this product is that it doesn't cost as much as one would think. In visiting the Wal Mart website I found that you can get a 4 pack mega roll for less than $3. That's a great value considering other brands are more than $5 for the same amount of TP. If you want the quality thick double ply.

I have taken the pledge to toss the tube and to do my part in saving the environment! You can take your pledge here.... and get a great value coupon in the process!

I truly recommend the Scott Naturals Tube free toilet paper to everyone! I promise you wont be sacrificing quality just because there is no tube to throw away! I will definitely keep purchasing this product!

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  1. Great review! I have yet to use mine but hope I have as great a review as you do!

  2. Thank you! We only have a few days left for the ct challenge!