Thursday, December 25, 2014

Poise Microliners Review



Who of you out there suffer from light bladder leakage (LBL)? I know that this may be a sensitive subject for many of you but I want to let you know that you are NOT alone.

As I got older and started having children I noticed that I wasn't able to hold my bladder as well. And yes, I have a little leakage every now and again. It is a very embarrassing issue for me but I know that there are many women and even men out there who suffer just like I do.

I'm being open about the issue so that you don't have to feel like you need to hide.  Did you know that over 45% of women suffer from light bladder leakage? I didn't either until I did a little more research.

There are many causes for light bladder leakage such as stress, caffeine, obesity as well as many other triggers.

Many of you know that when you have children your body changes tremendously. After having three children of my own it's hard to control things down under lol When I laugh to hard, or sneeze or even cough. Even when it's close to "that time of the month" it's hard for me to hold back.

So what can you do to help prevent accidents when your out and about? Well let me tell you that Poise has been a life saver for me!!! When I received the Poise Micro-liners I truly didn't think they would work. They were so tiny lol How can something like this hold anything that might come out of me? I normally just use sanitary napkins which are thick and bulky and aren't really made to catch anything other then what they are made for.

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The micro-liner Poise pads are specially designed with a material that catches little leaks! Poise calls it SAM (super absorbent material.) They also eliminate most of the odor. The first time I used these I actually took along an extra pair of pants just in case. But I didn't need them! I was amazed at how well these little babies worked!

As embarrassing it is to have light bladder leakage, I no longer feel like I have to worry about accidents anymore! I feel confident every time I leave the house!

I shared my sample pack with my aunt, who also suffers from leakage. Yes she gave me permission to say that lol She liked them so much she went and purchased some more with the coupon enclosed in her sample!!!

I personally really liked the Poise Micro-liners because they are small and can fit discreetly in my purse and they work great! Would i recommend them? Absolutely!




If you would like to learn more about the Poise brand, about light bladder leakage and get a sample for yourself you can visit this link here.  They have some great content!

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Disclaimer: I received the Poise Microliners free through crowdtap in return for my honest and unbiased opinion.


  1. I'm not shy about LBL, and I'm glad you aren't either. I love the Poise liners, but I prefer the regular liners compared to the Microliners. In my house we also use Poise regular liners during that time of the month. They're so much better than feminine products.

  2. I never thought to use them for "Aunt Flow" and yes sometimes the regular liners are better. Those faucets sometimes have bigger leaks then normal lol Thank you!!