Monday, December 15, 2014

Nescafe With Coffee-Mate Review



I received the new Nescafe with Coffee-Mate free through Smiley360 in return for my honest and unbiased opinion!

What i received:

• One canister of NESCAFÉ® with Coffee-mate® - choice of flavor (French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Sweet & Creamy Original)
• Three VIP coupons
• Link to a $0.75 digital coupon
• Smiley360 Sharing Guide

For your digital coupon you can visit this site

I handed my VIP coupons to 3 friends who are avid coffee drinkers like me!

I Haven't used an instant coffee in a long time because I don't have a lot of time to heat up the water and go through the process of making a cup of coffee. Now that I have my Keurig, it makes life soooo much easier! I just turn on the switch and it does the rest for me!

To sample this I just added the amount that I wanted in my cup, placed it under the Keurig and let the hot water run into the cup! The recommended amount to put in 1 cup is 2 Tablespoons. I like my coffee strong so I added a bit more!

I chose the French Vanilla flavor because I truly love the taste of it! But there are others such as Hazelnut and Original.

I liked how smooth it was and how well it blended in the water. It didn't clump like some creamers might. I only had to stir a few times.

IMG_20141116_151927 IMG_20141116_151957 IMG_20141116_152121 IMG_20141116_152209

It tasted really good but it didn't seem to be as stout as I like it. ( I need a lot of caffeine lol ) No not really but I do like my coffee to be strong and this just didn't give me that much needed kick like my normal coffee did. So I made my normal cup of coffee and added the 2 Tablespoons of the Nescafe with Coffee-Mate to it! That did it!! I didn't have to add sugar or creamer to my coffee and this is how i drink it now every morning!

[caption id="attachment_536" align="alignnone" width="161"]IMG_20141116_152412 Coffee so strong it holds the spoon all on it's own!![/caption]


I have purchased the Nescafe since receiving it from Smiley360 and will continue to purchase! It adds a great flavor to my coffee and also is a great brand at a great price! I completely recommend this product to others!!!

If you would like to find out more about Nescafe and coffee-mate you can find their facebook page here and can follow them on twitter here

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