Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Discover Campbell's Review

I got the awesome chance to try a new line of Campbell's food products free through Crowdtap in return for my honest and unbiased opinion!
What i received: A variety of new Campbell’s® products including (but not limited to) Soups for Easy Cooking, Campbell’s® Latin Inspired Soups, Campbell’s® Skillet Sauces, Prego® Alfredo sauce, and Swanson Cream Starter™ Broths
Cutting Board
Recipe Booklet with Coupons
1 set of Sampling Instructions


We had some great times making some of the great recipes shared in our little book! My son absolutely loved the Spaghetti O's!


He wouldn't even share with his Momma! He said he would eat these every day for lunch if I would let him! They have always been a family favorite in our house and a classic growing up for me!

We next tried the Creamy Parmesan Chicken next!

IMG_20141027_145931 IMG_20141027_150003 IMG_20141027_150636 IMG_20141027_151136 IMG_20141027_152123 IMG_20141027_152532

I poured it over rice and it was amazingly good. There were not any leftovers for the next night! The entire family devoured it! It was definitely creamy and had a welcoming taste to it! A big keeper!

We then tried something different! We baked some biscuits and poured Campbell's Beer and Cheese With Beef and Bacon chunky soup over them!!! It was fantastic! Although I think it needed a little more salt and pepper.

This, I think, is my husbands new favorite soup! Although he is not home at the moment, when I told him about the soup he went out and purchased some to try!

IMG_20141024_191142 20141216_172254

I made a casserole with the cream starter and was very impressed at how well it turned out! I used chicken as the protein not only because it's a frugal choice but because that is what most of my family prefers!

IMG_20141109_155335 IMG_20141109_164740 IMG_20141109_170354 IMG_20141109_171758

Looks and tastes delicious!

I was sent a New Slow kettle Roasted Chicken Noodle soup and OMG! I have never tasted a better chicken noodle then this....well besides my own home made! It did, however, have a unique taste that I could never master!


I even shared a few of my products with my auntie and have been telling everyone I talk to about the products I received. How amazing they taste and all the different things you can cook with them!

IMG_20141215_155256 IMG_20141215_155207

Here are some more things that we enjoyed during this great product review!

IMG_20141106_150124 IMG_20141106_150504 IMG_20141106_151513

IMG_20141203_165141 IMG_20141203_170812


I even got to try one of the new V8 juices! Yummmmmy!

There are so many memories that our family has made over the years with Campbell's soups and different recipes that can be made! If you would like to try some of these recipes you can check some great ones out here...

They have some other great content on there as well!

In all I would completely recommend the Campbell's brand to everyone! Not only are there great things you can do with the products, but they taste fantastic!

I will definitely keep making memories with my family and with Campbell's products!

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