Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Women's Rose Leather Wedge Sandal from Therafit

Women's Rose Leather Wedge Sandal from Therafit
👡 Enjoy the outdoors in comfort 👡

Retail $149.95
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Connect with the brand:

I love going outside for walks, working in the garden or just relaxing and taking in all of what nature has to offer. I also want to be comfortable while doing it. 

NOT all sandals are created equal. That's why I love the Therafit Sandals. Not only are they stylish but extremely comfortable too!

I suffer from flat foot and also have bunyons. So having a shoe that holds my arch and doesn't bother the tender areas of my feet, is extremely important. 

Therafit comforts my feet and gives me an air like step. 

The Rose Leather Wedge Sandal has a contoured footbed that hugs my feet, an arch support to help with the flatfoot, and heel cups to stabilize while I walk.

The special adjustable impact resistance adapters are my favorite part. They can be taken out or placed back in to fit my needs as they arise. 

While taking walks, I can leave the shock absorbing adapters in place to give that extra support I need or remove one or all of them to adjust the air like feel to my step.

I don't know of any other sandal that can do that!

The velcro strap is adjustable so it fits my foot incredibly well. I don't have to worry about the sandal slipping off my foot while I walk.

The next time you are shopping around for an elegant and comfortable sandal, look no further than Therafit Shoe. The only shoe that's adaptable to your lifestyle

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  1. I found this very informative and since my feet always hurt, I would love to try these shoes.

  2. I suffer from foot problems and struggle finding comfortable shoes. I will definitely give this brand a try.

  3. I think the impact resistance adapters are really unique, and I like the fact that Therafit helps solve foot issues and provides comfort but also lets you wear stylish shoes!

  4. I love these! They look really comfortable. Would love to win these sandals

  5. Very nice. These look like they would work great for my walks on the beach and with a fun outfit. I love how versitile they are from work to play.

  6. My feet ache/hurt everyday, would love to try these shoes.

  7. I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes and have a high instep. These look very comfortable and are so stylish too.

  8. I like that there is a strap around the ankle so that my toes don't constantly have to grip. These look super comfy!

  9. Those sandals look so comfortable. I love the color too!

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