Friday, October 13, 2017

Vivitar Electronics- Capture The Holiday Spirit!

Vivitar Electronics- Capture The Holiday Spirit!

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When looking for that perfect Holiday gift, Look no further than Vivtar for all the electronic needs. Vivitar has a vast selection of gift ideas that are sure to please anyone.

When it comes to the holiday's, everyone knows that New Years follows right behind. We all want to make those resolutions and what better way to do it than with a Wireless Activity Tracker. Get your loved ones the high tech motivation that's on their list.

Track your fitness activity and sleep quality with the Vivitar TYL-5101 Wireless Activity Tracker.  A switchable display makes it easy to use on your left or right wrist.  It is compatible with iOS and Android devices so you can track your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data via an app on your mobile device.

Keep track of your road trip with the Full HD dashcam

This Vivitar DCM-107 DashCam Full HD lets you capture crisp HD footage, so you can easily keep track of incidents that happen in and around your vehicle. A 90 degree Wide 4G glass lens makes it easy to review recorded videos and an integrated microphone records the sounds inside your vehicle. With incident detection (G-Sensor) automatically save footage of collisions and incidents that happen to your vehicle while you’re driving. A suction cup mount keeps the DashCam secure within your car! Also available is an expandable 32 GB Micro SD memory slot for many recording options!

Or how about those on the go people who need to keep hands free!

The Vivitar TYL-7201 smartwatch for Android allows you to you use your smartphone without having to take it out of your pocket.  The watch synchronizes your phone book and lets you make and receive phone calls and receive text messages and notifications from your device.  A built-in pedometer and sleep monitor tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and quality of sleep.

No matter what you are looking for, Vivitar has all your electronic needs for the Holiday wish lists.

Find out where to buy these great gifts at Vivitar's Store Locator

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