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New Years Resolutions With Your Dog

New Years Resolutions With Your Dog

Every year we all like to make those New Years Resolutions, but how many of us include our pets? Our pets depend on us to keep them safe, loved and healthy so why not include them as well!

Although our pets can't sit and tell us that they want to lose weight or be healthy we, as their pet parents, know that it is essential. We all know to brush our teeth, eat healthy, and to exercise so why not ask the same from our pets and put together a New Years Resolution for them as well! 

Here are some great activities to motivate the both of you into a healthier lifestyle for the New Year.

1. Take walks: 
Walking is a great way to lose weight and stay healthy for you and your pets. Taking your dog out for a walk on a daily basis helps keep them limber, helps them to digest food properly, helps with behaviors such as jumping on people or chewing up things in the house. The most important for my dog is the anxiety she has. Walking her has helped calm her down and learn to be appropriate around other humans and animals.

2. Playtime: 
Having regular play time with your dog is essential. They love you unconditionally and what better way to return the favor to them than by playing with them. Take your dog with you to the store and let them pick out a toy they like. I know sounds silly right? Teach them a new trick by giving them treats when they do what you ask, play fetch or set up an obstacle course in your backyard. All of these games are engaging to your pets and they get to spend time with their human.

3. No Table Food: 

I was so guilty of this for a long time but have learned that feeding my dog table scraps has not only made her gain weight but it's really not good for her. I was also teaching her that it was ok to beg while the family was eating. Not good. So we broke that habit and no longer give our pooch table scraps. 

4. Go To The Dog Park:

Interaction with other dogs is a great way to train your pet to behave better. It also gives them play time with their own kind as well as other humans, lets them run free and get well-needed exercise. It's a wonderful way to make friends for the both of you and you can talk to other pet owners about tips and tricks you can use with your pet.

5. I will not eat "kitty box crunchies".

One of the worst habits my dog has is getting into the litter box...YUCK. Trying to keep her out of it has been a challenge but it's getting better. At night I place the litter box in a place that the dog can't sneak in for a midnight snack while the rest of the house is sleeping. During the day we watch her and the minute that she heads that way, we deter her away by telling her no. When she walks away we re-enforce with love and "good girls" so she knows that she will get love when staying away from the litter box. Although she has not completely stopped, it has slowed tremendously. showing positive re-enforcement when training your dog out of a bad habit, assures them that when they don't do the behavior, they get rewarded!

This year make those New Years Resolutions not only for your well-being but also the well-being of your pet. Treat your pet for their accomplishments with great treats that are tasty and healthy. Also, check out some of these great training tips to help you along the way to making your dog's resolutions a reality.

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