Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Outdoor Summer Fun with #PlayfulTrends


Now that the kids are out of school, what are your plans for the summer? Keeping children and adults active during down time is especially hard during the summer. No one wants to get out in the heat and it's just more convenient to sit around and play on electronic devices.

Did you know that getting out for just an hour a day can give you the vitamin D that your body needs to stay healthy! 

Getting out of the house on a daily basis to do fun activities benefits your mind and your body! I have some great ideas that are free and can be fun, educational and gives you the opportunity to spend time as a family!

1. Geaocaching! You may have heard of it and some are wondering, "What the heck is Geocaching?" Geocaching is a fun, educational treasure hunt that you can do as an adult or with your children! You can download the Geocaching app on Google play.  It's an interactive seek and find game that you do in real life. This is a free download and free to use.

My son and I have gone on several Geocaching adventures together. There are different levels of adventures you can take. Some are pretty easy finds and some are a bit harder and take more time. Be careful on some, they can be tricky and like this find...was up in a tree! 

How to start! To start a geocache, simply go to your app or the website and type in your city or zip code and a list of different Geocaches will come up. Select the adventure you want to go on and start your search. While on the adventure, look at your surrounding area and see if there is something educational around. Have a conversation about what different plants you see or landmarks that are around. Make it fun and learn something while your out. Keeps those minds as active as the body!

Now some of the Geocaches have surprises when you find them. My son and I went to one and found a traceable trinket. Now what you do with these is when you log your find, you'll also log the traceable code so when you make your next find, you can drop it off for someone else to discover. We had found a small hockey puck in Virginia and went for a trip to California and dropped it off there! It's goal is to go to every city with an NHL team. We dropped it off near the Shark Stadium!

You can learn more about Geocaching on the website.

2. Get out and have a picnic! 

Spending time as a family doesn't have to cost anything. One can simply pack up the car and go to the park or even just have a family day in the yard! Making sandwiches and grabbing some drinks and going outside together brings you closer and gets you out of the house for something fun! 

3. Go Swimming!

There are a lot of free places that you can go swimming in any area. Grab the kids and go to the beach! 

 4. Go to the Farm!

If you have a petting zoo or farm in your area call and set up a time that you can bring the kids out to learn about animals. Most places are free of charge or you can ask a local farmer if they would be willing to let you bring the kiddos to learn about the different animals.

These are just a few activities that we have done this summer! I hope that you can get out and get active with your kids, learn something new and just have fun outside! Don't be stuck in the house wondering why your bored, get out and have a little adventure!

Don't forget to check out the IPEMA website for more great ideas and fun stuff you can do this summer with #PlayfulTrends! Challenge yourself to be more active! 

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