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Kobrand Fine Wine and Spirits Easter edition

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Our Mission
Kobrand imports and markets a distinguished portfolio of hand selected brands representing virtually every major wine region of the world and its most iconic specialty spirits. Family owned since its founding in 1944, Kobrand attributes its success to a single guiding principle that describes the people, products and relationships behind it: quality.
The portfolio is a collection of gems of New World and Old, including American wineries such as Cakebread Cellars, Sequoia Grove and St. Francis as well as the wines of European masters such as Champagne Taittinger and Maison Louis Jadot and the Portos of Taylor Fladgate, Fonseca and Croft. The legendary Sassicaia from Italy’s Tenuta San Guido and the wines of Craggy Range in New Zealand are relatively new additions that will stand the test of time. The spirits portfolio includes the original Alizé liqueurs as well as fine Cognacs, Armagnacs and other premium spirits.
A portfolio like this grows out of the decades-long experience of passionate professionals who seek out the star viticulturists, winemakers and distillers who are its key contributors. This is Kobrand today: a story of continuing tradition, a story of strong commitment, a story of innovative excellence... a Story of Quality.

Let the Easter wine hunt begin!

Even the Easter bunny can’t resist a good bottle of wine. While the kids are searching for dyed eggs, the adults are busy preparing Easter dinner for family and friends.

What’s a delicious meal without the perfect bottle of wine to pair with it? Here are some stellar options for your holiday table.

Ham dishes are a staple on Easter Sunday. The recipes are usually sweet to balance out the hams saltiness so you need a wine with enough sweet fruit and

acidity to balance out that sweet and saltiness. A fresh and crisp acidic wine, like The Seeker Riesling ($14,) features vibrant fruit including citrus,

peach and pineapple, has just enough sweetness to balance out the ham.

If lamb is your family’s signature dish, whether rack of lamb, or roast of lamb, stick with a well-rounded red wine, like The Seeker Malbec ($14.)

It’s acidic and fruity taste can handle the robust flavors of the lamb, but will not overpower.

Don’t forget about the vegetables and potatoes, the compliment to the main dishes. Pair with a rich and ripe California
chardonnay like St. Francis Chardonnay ($16.) The fresh melon, citrus, and pineapple flavors make this a versatile medium-bodied
Chardonnay that will compliment roasted vegetables like brussel sprouts and a creamy potato salad.
For the fresh fruit dessert like lemon pie or tart, choose a wine that is equally refreshing, like a Moscato. It's generally light in alcohol,
with just enough sugar to match our gently sweet dessert. Caposaldo Moscato ($12) has apricot and peach aromas that highlight the honey cream.
If you’re family really wants to have some fun, create a wine hunt, it’s very simple. Hide the bottles, find them, and drink them! Cheers and let the festivities begin!

My thoughts:

I received four great selection wines to try out and they were all very good.
I always thought more to be a Riesling gal but I have to say that the Moscato was my favorite out of all four. I love the sweetness of the wine and how it blended well with the dish I had with it. It's more of a dessert wine but fit well with dinner too.

They were all fantastic wines and I had a great time sharing with friends at dinner!

The Easter bunny showed up early to our house but you can have any or all of these fantastic wines to add to your Easter gathering as well! Whether you are heading out to family or having the egg hunt at your home, you are bound to find the right wine to add to the occasion! 

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