Friday, December 18, 2015

Vamplets- Designer Plush Baby Monsters

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Product Description

Featured on Whoopi's Favorite Things segment, Vamplets are a delightfully frightful set of baby monster plush dolls that are as creepy as they are cute. Created by My Little Pony designer Gayle Middleton, who also designed Littlest Pet Shop for Hasbro, Vamplets have over 100,000 loyal followers on Facebook, and a slew of fans that wait eagerly each year to purchase new styles at San Diego Comicon and Dragon Con.

Standing about 12 inches tall, and employing a variety of fabrics, stitching techniques and printing methods,  Vamplets are truly Designer Plush quality.

The Vamplets graphic novel  trilogy was recently selected by Scholastic Books for their Book Fairs and sold out immediately. Find out what all the fearful fuss is about.

My Thoughts:

These plush baby Vamplets are absolutely adorable! They are very soft and great to cuddle with. They are a fairly good size for what one can find out on the market today for the same average price. There are a variety of different ones to choose from on the website and on Amazon, so you are bound to find that perfect one!

Each Vamplet doll comes with a a detailed tag so you know the Vamplets name and can add your name as your new Vamplets owner!

The material is soft so it's a great cuddle toy for the kiddos! Even the adults around my house have taken over the babies and kidnapped a different one for them to cuddle with! My son absolutely loves the bat and has now become the new proud poppa of the baby vampire bat!

These would make a great gift around Halloween and really any time of the year. I completely adore the new Vamplets that have taken over here and would recommend them to anyone who asks!

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    1. I know right! They are all my favorites lol But I think I like the dragon one the best!! Or the bat...maybe the mummy...oh i just can't decide! lol