Sunday, November 29, 2015

EZ-PZ Kids Baking Kit Review and Giveaway!

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All you need is water
and the REAL oven!
EZPZ Cake Mix Kits come complete with everything to make delicious grown-up cakes in flavors kids LOVE!

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Your EZPZ Cake Kit comes complete with everything you need to make a delicious decorated cake that doesn't require decorating skills, just creative little hands!

My Thoughts:

The kit includes Cookies and Cream cake mix, frosting mix, and topping, as well as all utensils needed to mix, scoop, bake and even comes with an awesome apron just for the kiddo! 

This EZ-PZ cake mix was easy and a lot of fun! I pretty much stood back and watched my son do all the work! The kit contains everything your child needs to make the Cookies & Cream cake, including the frosting to top it with!

First we made sure to have all the tools ready, including the awesome apron! Directions stated to preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Fox prepared everything by first preparing the baking pans, then mixing the water into the cake mix, pouring the contents into the pan and placing them onto the baking sheet. Once the cakes were ready to go into the oven, he placed his baking gloves on his hands so that he would not burn himself, placed the cakes into the oven and set the timer for 10 minutes!

After the timer went off, Fox carefully removed the cakes from the oven and let them cool. He then prepared the frosting mix and frosted his EZ-PZ cake!

You will notice that my son changed clothes during the time he was waiting for the cake to bake! I have a client that I work with (elderly), and he wanted to share his cake with her! So he dressed up nice so that he could spend the day with her! I was given special permission from her and her family to share the moment they ate the cake together!! 
She was so surprised that my son had made the cake mostly by himself and even more amazed that he wanted to share it with her! It made her day and they enjoyed the cake together!!

This is more than just a cake mix! It's an opportunity to share time together and make a day a little brighter! It also gives the children a chance to do something fun and learn how to use the kitchen and all the utensils! My son loves to help out in the kitchen and being able to bake his very own cake was a great learning experience!

This would make a great Holiday Gift for the entire family! Letting the kids cook dessert!!! YUMMY!

Enter to win your very own EZ-PZ Kids Cookies and Cream Baking Kit! 


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