Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Comfort of Black By Carter Wilson Review and Giveaway


Book Description:

Though they seem to have everything, Hannah Parks has watched her husband, Dallin, become increasingly distant. Her hope is buoyed when the couple decides to start a family, but what Dallin reveals in his sleep one night rocks Hannah to her core. As she starts to investigate a much darker side of Dallin than she ever knew existed, Hannah peels away the layers of a diseased relationship closely tied to her own abusive past. When Dallin attempts to have Hannah abducted, she is forced to run, doing so with the aid of a man named Black—an ex-con and expert at helping people disappear. Together they must keep Hannah safe from her husband's far-reaching grasp, all the while trying to solve the mystery behind Dallin's sudden violence. Does Hannah's dark family history hold the key to her survival?

The Comfort of Black will appeal to fans of Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), A. S. A. Harrison (The Silent Wife), and Lisa Gardner (The Perfect Husband)
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This book is absolutely amazing! I didn't want to put it down until I was finished reading it!

Hannah's childhood is filled with hatred and abuse. Finally fed up with her father, she attempts to free her family but fails. Her father is sent to prison for almost killing her.

After losing her mother to alcohol she moves her and her sister to Seattle and starts a new life. She meets the man of her dreams, or so she thinks. He has other plans up his sleeves.

In a vicious circle of twists and turns, Hannah is forced to leave everything she has known for the past few years. Not knowing the true reason for which she is hiding.

In the process of all the confusion, she meets a man named Black who says he is there to help her. But finds that he is all part of the plan. The only person she thought she could trust was all part of the plot to make Hannah disappear. Will she be able to run from the life she has always known or will the one out to get her succeed?

Throughout the book there was never a place where I wanted to close the pages. There was so much excitement and twists that I could never tell who truly was behind the plot, until the end of the book. I felt my heart racing is so many parts of the book, it was that exciting! It did not end as I expected and was totally surprised at the ending!
There is violence and harsh language in this book and is not recommended for young readers.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves a great action filled book with a lot of twists to it!
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The Comfort Of Black

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