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Fricaine Alluring Smile Shoulder Bag Review


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Product Description

Project an alluring, sophisticated and exotic look with the unique design of this Fricaine handbag.

High quality faux leather meshes with the body made from 100% cotton using special wax printing technology.

Four (4) distinct wax fabric patterns were combined to make this roomy, functional and eye-catching handbag.

The lining is custom-made and contrasts perfectly with the exterior.

All hardware is forged with real gold-plated material with anti-soul treatment and has no chance of corrosion.

It has one card pocket, one interior cell phone pocket, one exterior pocket and one drop pocket.

The patterns are vivid and the handbag is very comfortable to carry.

This is truly one of a kind handbag that will set you apart in the crowd.

Fricaine offers high quality fashionable products made from globally-sourced exotic fabrics that accentuate the tastes and unique style preferences of our customers.

About the company:

Many countries and diverse cultures have adopted “native fabrics” as part of their peculiar local identities, tradition and culture. Naturally, we asked ourselves: why not provide access to these colorful, vibrant and beautiful fabrics to other people around the world? Why not enjoy these unique gems of fashion with the rest of the world, without the limits of physical geographic boundaries?

Fricaine offers access to vibrant, unique and undeniably fashionable accessories necessary for today’s quintessential woman.

After carefully selecting unique, superior quality fabrics, we re-orientate, redesign and interpret these colorful materials in a radically different way to create well-crafted, authentic custom-made durable handbags and other fashion products. This portfolio of products accentuates the appeal of our sophisticated customers, empowering them for the world to admire. Our brand offers a refreshing fashion journey that guarantees a bold, memorable statement. Customers who carry our products exude an exotic and highly fashionable image that matches and complements their personal style, propelling them to standout in a crowd while seamlessly aligning with their social status.

At Fricaine, we open the eyes of the world to a hidden array of expansive cultural fabrics that have created an exciting new brand of fashion offerings. With our products now widely available for global enjoyment, empower yourself! Let Fricaine expand your access to a robust platform of carefully selected exotic and otherwise unreachable fashion products.

Experience Fricaine . . . and exotic luxury.
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I received this product free for my review.

I love having different kinds of bags to carry around with me. So when I got the opportunity to try the Fricaine (Free-Kane) Alluring Smile Shoulder Bag I was truly excited!

I have several different purses, shoulder bags and what I would consider work bags. But never have I owned a bag such as this! It's beautiful and durable all at the same time!

The capacity of this bag seems endless. It seems like such a small shoulder bag but has snaps on the sides to make it open wider, making for more room to add things in. The inside has a deep pocket with a very durable lining. I am able to put several things into the shoulder bag and still have room for more!

There are 3 pockets on the inside of the bag, one having a zipper so you can store loose change or cards so they don't fall out. On the outside of the bag there is an additional zip pocket and two pockets on the sides of the shoulder bag. I personally use this area to hold my water bottle!

The straps on the bag are made of leather and are comfortable when I'm carrying it. Even when my shoulder bag is full, it's still very comfortable to carry. It doesn't dig into my shoulder at all.

I love the bright colors of the bag. The design is unique and I have not seen it anywhere else. I have been stopped and complimented on the shoulder bag and asked where they could purchase one like it!

So if your looking for something different, unique, durable and made with great pride and quality; then you can stop searching! The Fricaine Alluring Smile Shoulder Bag is what your looking for! The WEBSITE has many different bags and designs to choose from!

 I absolutely LOVE my Fricaine Alluring Smile Shoulder Bag and use it for just about everything I carry around! I will continue to use it and would highly recommend the Fricaine Company and their product!!

* I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. I was not compensated for my review and all my opinions are my own. One may or may not have the same results as myself when using this product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. *

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