Friday, April 17, 2015

ELS LED Candles real wax luxury collection Ivory flame-less candles Review

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Product Description:

SELS LED Candles real wax flame less candles gives you a great illuminating options. The multi-function remote included with your SELS LED candles gives you the power to change the mood and atmosphere of any room you are in
Our Flame less candles provides clean, romantic, safe and elegant without any mess or hazardous flames associated with them.

The flame less LED candles flicker and glow just like traditional candles and look more beautiful and authentic.

They provide an exceptional decorating effect for all kind of events.

You can enjoy brightness for hours with just a single click on the remote control.

-Illuminate a fireplace mantel or bookshelf loft with our SELS LED candles.

-Scatter some flame less candles around your home for a cozy ambiance.

-Decorate special events, candle light dinners with your loved one, wedding parties and use as wedding favors.

-Use them with your floral centerpieces.

-Excellent decor items for wedding receptions, dinner parties, holiday gatherings and other events.
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I love candles but sometimes I forget to blow them out before I go to bed at night. I'm sure I'm not the only guilty party. It's dangerous to leave candles burning while they are unattended.

When I got the opportunity to review these candles I jumped on it! I can have a wonderful candle without having to worry about burning my house down!! AND! This one comes with a remote so if I'm already in bed and forgot to turn them off, I can just push a button on the remote and it turns off! I really like this feature. It also has a timer on it so when you have guests or afraid you may fall asleep before you turn them off, you can just set the timer up to 8 hours!

These candle look and flicker just like the real thing! The only thing I miss about a real candle is the aroma they let off when lit.
I like the fact that I don't have to worry about them spilling if I bump them and I don't have that burning smell when I blow them out!

They can be used in many different setting around the house. Adding my own decor around them or making them a centerpiece on my dining table when I have company over! I even used them for a special candle lit dinner with my husband!

These candles also have different lighting selections so your able to change how bright you want them to flicker. One setting makes it where you can have more light illuminating the room or you can set it on lower lighting for more intimate occasions!
I think these are a perfect candle to add to any part of the home. They are sturdy and well made. The remote gives ease of use. Your able to add your own flare by putting flowers or any other decor around them to make them unique to the setting you want. I love mine and would recommend them for anyone who wants to add a little something to their home without the worry of an accident. There are so many great aspects of owning these great LED candles!


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