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Ebook - The Knowledge of the Gods Review

Ebook Description:
Is Humanity Ready for the Passage into the Golden Age?
From Material Masonry to Spiritual Masonry
The Knowledge of the Gods describes the spiritual growth of a woman who managed to awaken as a result of the hardships she experienced in her life. Because of her experiences, she decided to make a sacrifice ”" to sacrifice herself for the benefit of the people around her as well as for the benefit of humanity. Her willingness to make the sacrifice came from her aspiration to see all the people of the world live in peace, love and harmony.
Because of her belief that sacrifice can assist in the fulfillment of her aspirations, she turned to God and asked him to accept her sacrifice. She asked to give up her life for the benefit of others.
Not long after that, the author of this book developed the ability to conduct channeling. Gradually, the level of her spiritual guides rose, according to the level of knowledge and spiritual awareness she accumulated. Her continued sacrifice and progression in knowledge caused the angels and higher gods to connect with her.
The high gods of light began to offer her their knowledge. They wanted to assist her in achieving her spiritual destiny. Through her, they wished to pass on their knowledge and science. The gods asked her to write a book and through that book, to offer their knowledge to all the people of Earth.
With the aid of channeling, a connection was established with the gods of light from the Egyptian era, especially with the Gods Amun-Ra and Michael, who reached the spiritual level of the creator; thanks to their knowledge.
The high gods of light, as you will read in the book, passed their knowledge and information during numerous channeling sessions, through journeys and fascinating experiences from different eras of life on Earth and other planets. Meetings were held in all those places, with people who had lived in various eras. Those people and the gods themselves passed on their information through personal stories taken from their own lives. The God Amun taught about the masonry and architecture of his time, as well as about how the universe itself is constructed. Also, he explained what needs to be done in order to change current material masonry into spiritual masonry. The God Amun taught the knowledge of masonry with the aid of diagrams, symbols, numeric calculations and more... during many different journeys. (Description was copied)
In this book, a woman takes a journey in life through meditation and channeling.  She finds that she is very special in many aspects. She somehow can talk to Angels as well as other "alien" beings through her meditation sessions. Through her life she learns many valuable lessons. What the light and dark spirits are and how to avoid the ones she shouldn't associate with. She is given many gifts and shares it with those around her.
Now my personal belief does not believe that somehow we can achieve such greatness by talking to "gods", because I truly believe that there is only one God. That being said, here is my review for the book.
It is a great book. The story being told is a good one but was very hard to follow for me. This woman learns that lying is not good for the soul and being hateful just leads to shame. It tells that being honest and straight forward is the key to love and happiness. Making a journey with the "god" Amun, she learns many different aspects of the universe. What is yet to come and how to channel the good light from the darkness.
She makes a journey to many different planets and meets many different "aliens" who teach her how to make changes in life for the good of everyone.
To me, the woman telling her story, has deemed herself as worthy as a god. Healing people and changing life's course for many around her.
There ARE many good points to this book. I feel it teaches people how to love unconditionally and how to live a better, stress free life. However, if you have different beliefs, it's hard to follow. I didn't agree with the whole "talking with the gods" aspect.
I try to stay open to learning new things and making changes in my life for the better. I just don't think this is my cup of tea.
I would recommend this read. Just know that it is not a typical religious book. I personally will read it again, only for the fact that I find it interesting and i'm sure will learn something new while reading it a second time. I like to analyze the facts with what others see as true and real.
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