Friday, January 9, 2015

A New Healthier Me Update

Friday January 9th Update: So I know I just wrote my initial blog post yesterday, but i wanted to give an update! It has been a week since I weighed in at work. We weigh in every Friday morning!!! I have lost 6....yes 6 pounds this week!!! When she told me I was 170 I yelled out in shock " I lost 6 pounds!" I started to cry I was so happy! Now if that isn't motivation i'm not sure what is! I came home from work and immediately did my Weight Watchers Stability Ball Workout!! I felt fantastic! My legs are a bit sore lol But my pride has boosted! I did this, I lost 6 pounds! I will update again in a few days to let you all know how i'm feeling and what i'm doing!!

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