Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Scotties Tissue Review

I received Scotties brand tissue free through Smiley360 in return for my honest opinion!

I received a full box of Scotties Tissues to try out. I have always purchased another product but have seen Scotties brand before, just hadn't purchased


I want my tissues strong and durable. I don't want to blow my nose and the tissue break. Not only is that gross but unhealthy as well. A person wants something that works well.

While trying these new tissues I never felt that the brand had any less quality then other high end products. It held up when I needed it to and was actually very soft.

I loved the color and design on the box! Purple is one of my favorites! Other colors and designs are available!

I don't like when a tissue product irritates my nose. So I was impressed with the fact that Scotties was soft enough not to dry out and irritate that sensitive part of my face.

I went to purchase some more and was pleased with the price. I think the price is very reasonable for the quality you receive.

I still love my normal brand but I will purchase Scotties brand when I'm unable to get my normal! I would recommend Scotties to others!

If you would like to learn more about the Scotties brand you can click http://www.scottiesfacial.com/

If you are interested in trying products like these, then you can check out the site here!


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