Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ebook-Day Use By Dalia Rosenfeld Review

Book Description :
A thrilling novel spiced with erotica that represents the story of Dalia Raz, a successful ceramics artist who suddenly becomes a widow after her husband is killed by a mysteries explosion in the factory he worked in. 
In her despair, she decides to change and rehabilitate her life from her disaster. She turns her life upside down and opens a business for day use renting rooms by the hour for intimacy purposes. In parallel, she begins searching for the truth regarding her husband’s death and a series of explosions in secret military facilities. 
She refuses to believe that the series of explosions is random, but discovers nothing. 
Her new unorthodox job exposes her to a new, intriguing world. She collects funny, tragic and dramatic stories about her guests’ *** lives in her deluxe rooms—stories about ***, cheating and forbidden relationships. She writes about her experiences and publishes a book about it 
Her new fascinating life exposes the reader to amusing and even occasionally frightening stories. 
The book also sheds light on Israel’s nuclear secrets. 
The ending is surprising and unpredictable. 
The story is based on real life events; although names have been changed to avoid privacy invasion.
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Dalia loses her husband in a tragic accident at his place of employment. Dalia is devastated but tries to get her life back on track, for her and for her children. She throws herself into sculpting but finds it unsatisfactory. A long time friend introduces her to the business of day use rooms, rented out by the hour for lovers to use as a getaway from everyday life. Later, she writes a book about all the exciting stories that she has encountered with the day use rooms that she rents out. She aides police in a few cases and receives an award for her efforts! 

She runs into some interesting turn of events and that is where this book really gets interesting! 

In reading this book i was pleasantly surprised at the way it ended! It was full of twists and turns throughout every page. It was full of funny encounters as well as a few heart racing events. It was one of those books that you just didn't want to put down because you would be afraid of missing something! 

I really enjoyed the fact that it was about a woman who picked herself up from despair and made a great turn around into a very successful independent woman. She shows great strength throughout the entire book and in the end has a great surprise and revelation all at the same time! The end was bitter sweet! 

I recommend this read to anyone who is looking for something that has a combination of tragedy, humor and suspense all rolled into one! I felt it was a great read and will definitely read it again! 

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