Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coloring Book for Kids: Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg


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Let your kids color the beloved Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg story.

If your children love to get creative, they will enjoy this children's coloring book, and you will appreciate the educational aspect, too.

In this coloring book, you can find the whole story of Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg so you and your children can enjoy the story as well as benefit from coloring advantages.

Why is coloring so important?

For many children, coloring is therapeutic. You can use coloring to help your children "vent" their feelings and frustrations, as well as other emotions through coloring.

Children learn how to hold a pencil by first coloring with crayons. I think it's important for children to develop proper grip and control over a crayon to help them properly grip and control other writing instruments in the future. These basic coordination developing skills will last children a lifetime. Your children will have fun while developing motor skills at a very basic, simple level that they will expand on later in life.

While completing a coloring page to the best of their ability and stay inside the lines at all costs, your children will develop concentration and focus skills. As they get older in school and have to complete math or spelling worksheets, they will be able to better focus without being bothered by the "buzz" around them in the classroom. In addition, this early exposure to boundaries in print will be a huge help when handwriting time comes around, and the child has to respect the boundaries of the preprinted handwriting lines on the paper.

My thoughts:

In the story Terry Treetop goes camping with his family. While unpacking his things, he finds an egg under a tree. He desperately wants to find who it belongs to and return it to them. Meeting new friends along the way, Terry treetop works hard to search the the eggs family. In the end will he find the eggs home?

This is a cute little story book with pages that your child can color, bringing them even deeper involved in the story! I feel it teaches your child responsibility, how to use their imagination, doing the right thing and gives them a chance to use their cognitive skills as well when coloring in the books pages.

I think this book better fits an older toddler age because the pictures are so detailed that it would be hard for a younger child to color. But the story line is great for all young ages!

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  1. I love these Tree Top Terry books. I didn't even realize she released a coloring book, how cute!