Friday, April 24, 2015

Sleep Number Store Review

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I recently went on a mission to the Sleep Number Store through Smiley360! The store I visited was in our local mall located at 12300 Jefferson Ave. In Newport News Va. When I arrived, Lynn S. Greeted me with a warm smile and a wonderful handshake! I couldn't have received a greater welcome! I hadn't even told her that I was there for Smiley360 yet. So to have a welcome such as this gives me great pleasure! Knowing that anyone who walked into the store, would get the same warm smile as I received!

Lynn took me over to a double size P5 With Sleep IQ bed and asked me if I had ever received my sleep number before. When I told her that I had never been to one of the stores before, she became really excited. I know that this woman really loves her job just by her persona. She grabbed a pillow for me and asked me to lay on the bed to get my initial reaction of how the bed felt. It was amazing! And she hadn't even begun to find my comfortable spot.

She explained how the remote worked and how the bed would record the way I slept to adjust and help me sleep better at night. This thing actually records when I move, when i'm in a deep sleep, and sends it all to an app on my phone so I am able to keep track! What other bed do you know that can do that?

While I was on the bed, it recorded my pressure points and adjusted to relieve the areas that would make me uncomfortable. When all was said and done, my sleep number was 35! Lynn explained everything to me so that it was extremely easy for me to understand! She went through the pricing for the size of bed I would be interested in and even told me about some great discounts available!

For my husband and I to purchase a King size bed it would be less that $3,000! I know that does sound like a lot BUT this is free home delivery, mattress protector, pillows, and a warranty! Right now I don't sleep all that well and I find myself  waking up several times a night and wake up with my back killing me. If I can get a full nights rest and not wake up hurting every morning then it's worth any price I would have to pay!

The great thing about this company, other then the fantastic staff and awesome beds is that you can test out the bed! If you don't like, it then you can return it at no cost.

After I was shown the P6 bed, Lynn took me over to another bed. Now I honestly can't remember the type of bed she showed me but it had ALL the bells and whistles. I think it was an X12. You can talk to this bed and it does what you ask it to do, And it messages your body!

While Lynn went over all the features for the bed my son actually fell asleep! Now for those of you who know my son....that is an amazing thing! It wasn't because he was bored, he just got comfortable and was out!! Yes the bed was that amazing!!

I had a great time checking out the beds and getting my sleep number. Lynn made everything easy to understand and treated me like I was part of her family! I really want to have one of these beds!!

If you have never been to a Sleep Number store, I truly suggest that you head to one! Even if your not able to purchase at this time, you will learn how you can get better sleep and meet some great people in the process! Find a store near you

I was sent on a mission through Smiley360 to check out the Sleep Number Store! In visiting this store I was compensated with a free 2” Memory Fiber Curved Support Pillow (ARV $89.99) * I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. *

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