Thursday, April 2, 2015

Extra Long & Wide Ombre Hair Extension Review

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Product Description

Super quality hair with Wholesale price! Do not Miss while still in stock!
This extension is Made by high quality synthetic hair which can be washed, **** dried.
Size: 60cm (24 inches) Long and 25cm 10 inches) Wide, one set will be enough for full head.
And you can cut and trim the size to whatever you want.
Weight: 110g
Total 5 clips which will make the extension easy and secure for use.
Great for gift, party and events use. (copied)


I have never used any type of extensions in my hair before so I was really looking forward to trying them out. I love the fun colors! I am also almost 40 and figured this might help me to feel a bit young again!

When I first got the Ombre Hair Extension in the mail I was a bit disappointing. The colors were fairly close to the one in the above picture but mine was darker on the tips. It also wasn't as long and as thick as it shows.

Now with that being said, I also want to integrate the fact that, I assume I have much thicker hair then the girl in the photo has. I personally cannot wear the extension as shown, as it does not look very becoming on me. So I placed it between my hair line above my ears as a midway point. I placed it up in a ponytail and wore it to work. It didn't look half bad. I couldn't see the clips where it was placed in my hair so it covers easily!

I work with the elderly, so they got a great kick out of my blue/green hair!

I did try wearing the extension as it shows in the promo picture. Just to see what it would look like on me. Don't I just look Fabulous!!!! Maybe if I had a little make-up on, it would look a little better on me!

I took pictures from the back with my hair down and the extension under my hair line and over just so you could see the true effect of what it looks like! Now remember my hair is fairly thick.

So here is what my review is....

If I was 20 years younger and my hair wasn't so thick I think this would be a fun way to wear my hair!

It has 5 easy clips on the backside of the hair extension for easy hold in your hair. The clips are easy to use and stay in place until you remove them. Even when combing through your hair and the extension, it stays in place!

The feel of the Hair extension wasn't rough and felt pretty close to real hair. When combing through it, it didn't break and only a few strands fell out. Such as your normal hair would when you comb it.

I feel the quality of the product is very good, although I think it should be a bit thicker so that it covers more. The company offers different colors to choose from so your not just stuck with one color all the time. The prices are competitive to other hair extensions. I would recommend these extensions for the younger crowd and for those wanting something different!

Now comes the fun!! My auntie and I had a bit of fun with the hair extensions and she posed for me! She looks like a female version of a hippie ZZ Top!!

* I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. I was not compensated for my review and all my opinions are my own. One may or may not have the same results as myself when using this product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. *

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  1. I am older than you, and I would love this. I love all these colors the kids are wearing. The gal next door had cotton candy colors- and that what it was called! I would do it maybe one!
    ellen beck