Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Weight Loss Update for March 11th 2015

In the past few weeks I have been on a weight loss journey! I entered into the Biggest Loser at work and for 6 weeks busted tail to try to better myself and my health! In doing so I lost a total of 16 pounds! I was told yesterday that I officially won that contest at work! I started crying!

It wasn't totally about the money! Yes, I will admit, it helped in my motivation. BUT I want to be better for myself and for my family. I want to be able to be here for my family, watching my kids and my grand-kids grow up to be the best they can be!

I do not know officially how much I have won so I am not able to tell you yet. But know that I am still on my journey to lose weight and become healthier then I ever have been in my life! In the last week and a half I have only lost a pound but it's another step to becoming who I want to be!

I have slacked in the walking area of my workout but I have continued to watch what I eat, how much I eat and doing some of my workout DVD's. The cold weather has been a big issue in my routine and I have found that I have made more excuses NOT to do my workout then I should. I feel that is why I have only lost that pound in the last, almost 2 weeks. With the weather starting to show that Spring is on it's way. I have no reason to make excuses anymore.

I need to push myself even harder now! My main goal is to lose 25 pounds! I am over half way there with only 8 more to go. I have made it to the point I am with baby steps! Now I feel it's time to make leaps!!! I have the utmost confidence that I will reach my goal of 25 pounds very soon.

Many have asked me what I will do once I reach that goal.....well....make a new goal of course! My ideal weight for my height is between 126-132 pounds. So my ultimate goal is to reach that. But I am taking it one step at a time and giving myself so many pounds at a time. The important thing is that I am not putting a time limit on myself. I don't have to lose it all in 2 weeks or even 4. I'm going 6 weeks at a time and if I don't reach my goal...well I strive for the next few weeks. As long as I am putting forth the effort and not giving in.

I know a few of you who are also on this same journey or maybe even just beginning yours. I want you to know that it's a rough road and you will face many detours along the way. But keep the faith in yourself and NEVER just throw your hands up and say I'm done. If you lose 5 pounds the first week and only lose 1 the next or maybe even hit a stopping point where for a few weeks you don't lose anything, keep trying, keep pushing yourself! It WILL happen if you keep trying!

I am going to continue my journey and hope that you will continue to take it with me! You all have been my rock and I wouldn't be here today, with 16 pounds off my belt, if it wasn't for you and your encouraging words!

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