Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ebook - Humanity's Global Era Review

Product Description:

A new era is dawning. Within less than two decades a fundamental change has taken place in our lives. Humanity, which has so far existed  in one defined world, now exists simultaneously in both a real and virtual world. We have developed a parallel universe, one that exists, is significant, powerful and even threatening. We are all present in that world, and it has practical implications for all aspects of our lives. The book deals with the era of the global individual. It describes the Global Person's formation process and addresses the ideological, educational and leadership challenges stemming from this new reality while offering practical tools for contending with them. These tools are based on innovative research dealing with the crossroads between research on emotions and technology, and the wisdom we have acquired through the ages.

"Dr. Shlomo Yishai, who deals with the research of emotions, focuses on the changes humanity is undergoing in the era of the global person and presents practical coping tools that each and every one of us need to deal with this new age. In this book, Dr. Yishai emphasizes the importance of emotions for leaders who are facing this changing reality. The question of appropriate leadership in this era is complex, and Dr. Yishai presents important tools for developing  such leadership. Highly recommended." Prof. Aharon Ben-Ze'ev, Dean, Haifa University, 2004-2012

"Dr. Shlomo Yishai is an experienced educator and a scholar of Jewish thought in the middle ages and modern times. In this fascinating book he deals successfully with the challenges facing people growing up in a world that has become global before their very eyes.  The book focuses specifically on the challenge of leadership." Prof. Menachem Kellner, Shalem  Academic Center, Jerusalem, Haifa University ( Emeritus)

"Dr. Shlomo Yishai was invilved in the establishment of the air force academy for senior officers. The great interest, learning and development we gained from meeting with him led us to adopt the method he developed as the basis of the Academy's educational rationale. There is no doubt that the academy's success stems from the quality and tailoring of his method, which has empowered the leadership abilities of the air force commanders. The practical methods described in the book- The Human Trio And The Key To Leadership- provide everyone with the opportunity to enhance the results of their actions in the face of a new era in which we live in, and herein lies their importance," Lieutenant-Colonel Golan Ya'ir (ret.), Unit  669 Commander, founder of the first commander of Israel Air Force Academy for Senior Officers

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This book speaks about how the global internet has expanded our lives tremendously. With all the new technology out there for our children to learn and brighten their lives. It makes you stop and think about how far we have come and how simple life was before all this technology came to light.

We have all come so far in society. Can you imagine if all this new age equipment was just taken away from us in an instant. Where would life be without it? It truly makes you stop and think doesn't it?

In disconnecting from the global world of the internet and all it entails, we are allowed to see the beauty of life around us without all the distractions. This book talks about how it has played a role in changing everything. The emotional attachments we have and how to deal with it all is a great base for us all to think about.

I truly recommend this read to anyone. It really gives you a new outlook on what is going on in the world of technology!

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