Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ebook - Body Cognition: The Method Review

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Book Description :

Since the development of "Body Cognition" in the 1960s and 1970s, thousands of people have experienced it. However, when we ask: What is "Body Cognition", some of the answers are given in the negative form: this is not gymnastics in the usual sense; this is not a treatment for back pains only, and so on. How, then, can we define the "Body Cognition" method: education for a proper body movement? Training and preparing the body? Healthy gymnastics? These are titles which indicate several aspects of the method. The fundamental assumption of "Body Cognition" is that the right movement is beneficial to our physical and mental well-being and learning the right movement can considerably facilitate the solution of a long series of prevalent bodily problems.
The present book constitutes an ID of the method: an attempt to explain extensively, present reasons arguments and demonstrate its theoretical aspect as well as display its practical implementation. The description of bodily occurrences ranges from the unique and individual to the general, from the personal to the comprehension of the common as well as vice versa – from generalizations to the individual case. Each chapter illustrates the approach from a different perspective but all of them emphasize the method's principal and unique trait: observing solid and general anatomical facts and, based on them, understanding their practical implications for the physical conduct from a health starting point. Moreover, the book shows the way the method relates to issues not usually associated with movement: physical therapy, personal development, learning, thinking and behavior.
The order of the chapters invites a linear reading, evolving according to their structural logic, and enabling the reader to benefit from the support given by each chapter to those that follow it. However, each chapter can stand by itself and refers to the others as the need may arise. Thus, the book can be read in any order, browsing freely between the chapters.
The book is designed for two main reader groups. The first group comprises all those interested in their body and health and want to delve deeper into the body out of personal and intellectual inquisitiveness. The second consists of professionals dealing with all the body therapy disciplines. The chapter topics and level of thoroughness are adjusted to both groups. Hence, all readers can find in the book what they are looking for in accordance with their level of interest and depth.

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This is a very interesting read that will teach you how to adapt to your own body and learn how to push it in all the right areas, Physically, mentally and emotionally! It will teach you how to modify your own movements in a way you never thought possible through cognitive motion.

It's different then your normal how to workout guide. In moving the way we should, instead of the way we are normally conditioned to do, one can reach many avenues of the body. Using muscles that we never even think to use.

In doing so, we broaden our outlook and our body to new horizons and achieve something we may have never seemed possible!

Each chapter holds different keys to your body. Such as posture and our awareness of it. How do we carry ourselves? That particular chapter helps you to be more in tune with how well, or not so well, you carry your body. It helps you to adjust the way you hold yourself and the challenges we may face with the pain in our bodies.

This is a great read that I will definitely be coming back to again and again. It's that type of book that once you read it, you want to go back and see what you missed.

This is a great book and would recommend it to anyone wanting to find a different approach to maintaining their body for the long haul! Very interesting content!

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