Friday, November 4, 2016

Image 3D Retroviewer

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Those of you who are my age....(co4ugh0) :) ...know what the Viewfinder is and how much fun they were when we were kids! Now you can make them personal with your very own pictures. Have a family get together that you loved, or funny pictures for the Holidays that you all truly treasure? This year make those memories stand out in 3D. 

Everyone remembers playing with 3D viewers as kids, looking at pictures of national monuments or stills from your favorite movies. What was missing from those pictures? You! That was the idea of Image3D's founder, Rich Dubnow when he left his job as head 3D photographer for View-Master to start Image3D.

Image3D allows customers to make 3D viewers—called the RetroViewer—and custom photo reels from their own digital photos. Most people give them as gifts for friends and family, but many also use them as a way to save pictures of family vacations or show the kids growing up.

This makes a perfect stocking stuffer or personalized gift for anyone in the family. 

I wanted to do something special for my husband this year. He recently lost his brother and have a bundle of pictures of us on vacation out in San Francisco. So I gathered up Craig's favorite ones and added them to the reel with a quote included. I was going to wait to give it to him but the moment just never seemed right for something like this. So I took out my phone and recorded his reaction. It was absolutely priceless and we cried together. It was a mix of sadness and happiness all thrown into the mix. What a beautiful moment it was.

Left to Right
Bruce, Me, Fox and Craig
R.I.P Bruce

The Image 3D was perfect and highlighted every moment as if it was happening all over again. Image 3D took the pictures I uploaded and made a sad moment a wonderful memory for my husband! I couldn't have asked for a better gift for him. The Image 3D company did a fantastic job and I will definitely be ordering some more reels in the future. 

The process making your own 3D Viewer is really simple. Just go to the website, choose the photos you want to include, add text, upload and you're done! 

So if you are looking for something fun and unique to share with your family and friends, this is one of those perfect gifts. Make those memories stand out with the Image 3D Retroviewer

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  1. I loved these things as kids and the fact you can put your own pics on it is awesome, definitly sowmthing i will try